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Brunela (@ Brucampi): a 27-year-old Brazilian living in London and campaign manager for influencers. Yes, that is, it's pretty wonderful that she lives off watching a lot of Youtube videos and using her thumbs on Instagram. Brunela has, just like her work, a cool and somewhat unusual approach to beauty products. No less than three highlighters in one application and skipping the facial cleanser in the AM and a no-mascara rule …

"I'm obsessed with fashion, make-up, and skincare, so I write a bit about my favorite beauty products and why I like them to have felt like the funniest thing ever, so forgive me for doing more have written as my just words.

I lived in Brazil most of my life – the part of the country I grew up in (southeast in the sea and not in Rio) has an average of 13 summer months a year – I exaggerate, but you get the idea and as such was my skin very greasy. So I spent my teenage years religiously washing my face to make it a little drier. I mean, come on, a "glowing" complexion would not work well with the heavy black eyeliner of my early 2000, right?

Since moving to the UK, my skin has changed from a very greasy to a combination, and now it can be dry in the colder winter months (my 15 year old I would be shocked). These changes, along with aging and my mature skin, have helped me establish my current skincare and makeup routine.


I do not normally wash my face in the morning, so I simply use my toner after showering (it varies from
La Roche Posay Effaclar Exfoliating Lotion, Pixi Glow Tonic or Acqua Alle Rose Roberts Classic distilled water – I love them all the same) and then I apply La Roche Posay Anthelios XL cream for dry contact with SPF 50 under Embryolisse Lait Cream Concentre, I always use the sunscreen under my moisturizer, otherwise the clashing of textures will ruin my make-up.

I wear a foundation every day – MAC Face and Body Foundation; I like my skin to look like my skin, but a little better and that's exactly what it does, with a dewy finish that I love. I'll pair that with you NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer (I've had mine for almost two years and it's still going strong.) Next, I apply two creamy highlighters with my fingers: NARS Copacabana, followed quickly by MAC Cream Color Base in the shell (Glossier Haloscope could never – sorry, do not apologize!).


I like to work together MAC Bronzing Powder and NARS Dolce Vita as a rouge – Dolce Vita is a few shades lower than the orgasm and therefore ideal for medium / olive skin tones. It's just that it's my favorite rouge. I stand on my cheeks because I rarely deal with eye make-up; Often it's just a slick of Charlotte Tilbury eye pencil along the eyelash line. Right now, I'm going through a mascara ban all week, Jeanne Damas I only looked in the eyelash curlers and I loved it. When I use mascara, I will always be for the Lancome Monsieur Large waterproof mascara – It's the only one that keeps my eyelashes curled for the whole day.

I finish my look with a bit NARS powder in flash (I do not recommend it, I only use it because it was expensive and I want to use it instead of wasting it) and that Becca highlighter in moonstonewhat is dreamy. Yes, I leave the house at 8.30 am with three different highlighters on my face and no shame.


My nocturnal skin care is one of my favorite parts of the day: I remove my makeup with a balsam cleaner (often that Body Shop Chamomile one or the same coconut oil does the trick) then I use

Sensibio by Bioderma Mild Cleansing Foaming Gel (which is nice and gentle), followed by my toner. I rely on a few moisturizers, sometimes the old school NiveaDo you know the one who comes in a can? Or it can be Avene Hydrance moisturizer combined with a leaf mask – it really only depends on how I feel. I do occasionally facial massages, but not with a jade roller, but just use my hands with some movements that I've picked up from this video (it's in Portuguese, but you can mute some and still easily pick up the steps).

I'm not too fussy with my hair care, it's really as easy as what shampoo is available and then that Klorane dry shampoo My fringe My skin may not be greasy anymore, but the hair is safe.

It goes without saying that I am neither a dermatologist nor a make-up artist. Everything I know has resulted from trial and error and getting to know each other – with age and experience. However, if I can pass on a universal and easy tip, please wear SPF on your face – 50 years old, you will be grateful! "- @ Brucampi

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