Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Oil Review


So you've developed a bit of color, you want to show off your glamorous tan, but it's daytime and you still need to wear an SPF … This new sunscreen by Ambre Solaire has all the "sexy-but-protected" protection -skin & # 39; angle covered; a beautiful golden oil that makes the skin look incredible, but has an SPF of 20 (or 30 or 15, whichever you prefer).

I've been wearing Golden Protect Oil since I returned from vacation. It's not greasy or sticky, so you do not spend the day picking fluff / grass / sand from yourself, it's wonderfully moisturizing, so you do not have to worry about the sun drying your skin, and the smell is just the right side of "tropical".

It feels strange to apply an oil for sunscreen; I combine oils with roast and roast, which my parents did themselves when I grew up, covered with tanning oil and lay in the midday sun. But the Golden Protect I've tested really offers the full SPF20 it promises. I compared it to a normal Nivea SPF20 and it did not seem to matter if it was tested in very strong sunlight that day.

It is a particular glowing glow that only an oil can reach, as if the skin was perfectly massaged and polished. Oiled bodies look infinitely richer and firmer, because the light reflects (hopefully!) In the right places – it's a great little trick to instantly become a bit more "bikini-ready".

The practical: easy to apply with a pump spray, the oil dries quickly to a satin finish and, as already mentioned, is non-greasy and not sticky. I found it surprisingly resistant to water and only used again after it was in the water for a long time. The fragrance is clearly "vacation", but not overwhelming. It states that it is a medium protection for dark skin, which confuses me a bit, as an SPF20 is certainly an SPF20, regardless of skin type. I'm not dark-skinned and it worked perfectly for me. If you have a very light skin that burns easily, opt for a higher factor!

Ambre Solaire's Golden Protect Oil costs around £ 14, but there are currently offers for Ambre Solaire in Boots and Superdrug. So it's worth taking a look!

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