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Maternelle leg foot gel

I've done some research on cooling foot creams and gels before – you might remember last summer when I praised the benefits of Weleda's Foot – but I never really saw the point of them. Until now. Late pregnancy, one and a half weeks before my birth, legs that are the same width from knee to toe, and feet that look like elongated balloons? Now me very much see the point of them. Being able to miraculously feel your lower legs as if they had been stuck in the fridge for an hour without actually putting your legs in the fridge for an hour is a blessing. Just hit the cream and put your feet up, and you've suddenly swapped your narrow, swollen joints of raw pork for normal limbs.

And of course not exclusively for pregnant limbs – someone who suffers from swelling or discomfort in the hotter months. Anyone who's up for a day's work to work, or likes to run half marathons every morning, or spends most of his time at a desk trying to get things done. These, my friends, are for you ..

Decleor Circulagel Refreshing leg (£ 25.50 with free delivery Here): Of all the gels and creams tested, the Decleor's had the immediate cooling effect. More like a pack of frozen peas on the skin. The gel was absorbed immediately and left no residue, but it is worth noting that Circulagel has no real moisturizing effects. The legs should feel light and refreshed, and this is perfect. If you need the necessary fluid, this tightening effect may not be appropriate.

Maternelle invigorating leg and foot gel (£ 4.99 by Ocado Here): A great budget option – not so "crikey, that's cold" like the Decleor, but a nice touch of refreshing coolness and a creamy-gel texture that's light but does not dry. Compared to the Decleor Circulagel it worked with a kind of "half step", but then it was is a fifth of the price, so I think that it offers a very good value for money.

Burt's Bees leg and foot cream (£ 13 with free delivery Here): a cream instead of a gel, this had about the same effect as the Maternelle Leg and Foot Gel – very Minty and fresh, but not as intense as Decleor's Circulagel. This cream was delivered in a set with a belly butter and a stretch mark oil – the stretch mark oil was excellent, You can find that Here,

Mom mio happy legs review

Mama Mio Happy legs (£ 19.50 with free delivery Here): my overall winner because it soothes and calms down as much as it cools and revives. Almost all of the tested liners and creams had a toning effect (I think that goes with the whole refreshing function), which is great for instant cooling and deflating, but not so good if your leg skin is dry or flaky. Mine does it. And I found out that my dandruff scalability was getting a little worse after using a dozen gels and creams extensively. The Mama Mio Lucky Legs seemed to be the wettest during the whole heap still zingy and energetic. Not as moisturizing as a suitable, special skin cream for dry skin, but enough to be really comfortable to wear and apply. I was impressed with all the Mama Mio products I tried during pregnancy, but this (and maybe "boob tube") is really special. You can see the whole line Here,

cowshed udderly beautiful leg foot treatment

A last minute addition; the Beautiful leg and foot treatment by Cowshed, (£ 18.50 online Here.) Another instant cooling, slightly structured gel containing seabuckthorn oil and a lot of essential fatty acids helps to protect the skin and refresh the skin. It is not quite As moisturizing as the Lucky Legs, but I can tell you that the cooling effects last for years – just below the level of industrial cooling of Decleor Circulagel. Kind.

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