Clarins Body Shaping Supplement Review


Let's face it: no one cares well for thighs and buttocks in the colder months. That is, except for the people who use "winter" as a verb (as in "Where Winter"?). Answer: "Mustique" and models. There is no seasonal rest for model bums and thighs – they could be required at any minute.

Take this morning as an example. An absolutely straightforward casting – or so I thought until the customer asked if she could see me in my bikini bottoms and vest.

When I stood in my black Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Knickers (FYI very comfortable, 'seductive' is controversial), I gave myself a hearty tapping for the preparation.

I've been brushing my body almost all the cold winter (see next post for detailed body brushing information), and I'm massaging lumps and bumps with my individual anti-cellulite potion containing Clarins Body Shaping Supplement!


1) Take one of your favorite body lotions (lotions work much better than butters or thick creams)

2) Put a manageable amount in the palm of your hand

3) Add a few drops of Clarins Body Shaping Supplement

4) Mix and massage into the thighs, butt and abdomen

Clarins concentrate is absolutely awesome; Rather than raising premium prices for a ready mix lotion, you can use this supplement to turn your own body lotions into a powerful cellulite and fat burning product!

The cost per application will be significantly reduced – 50 ml supplement costs £ 36.50, only six to eight drops are needed each time – and this means you can use the lotion that you like, regardless of whether it is Coco butter under its own brand is pound sterling or the most extravagant anti-aging body milk.

TIP: The shaping supplement mixes with oils. Why not combine with almond oil (see listening to the mother) for a nightly afterbath treatment?

£ 34.75 free shipping from SalonSkincare

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