Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review


I can not believe that I have not written anything yet about this product. I think, because it is such a major product in my beauty regime, it was somehow overlooked! Anyway, I write about it now, so let's go – no harm.

I use Dermalogica's daily microfoliant for over two years, and I use it two or three times a week. Yes, I am aware that the product should be used daily – the indication is in the name – but I can not say how many times I should use something. (Obviously everyone would like you to use your products daily, twice a day, etc .; but I'll opt for that, thank you!) Two or three times a week my face receives the microfoliant treatment, and I find that it is often enough to wring my face off – I firmly believe in the phrase "too much of the good ".

Daily Microfoliant is a rice-based powder that gently exfoliates the skin's surface to remove what Dermalogica calls "blunt waste" and I call it "dead skin and dirt." Papain and salicylic acid also help (apparently) to eliminate dead bunkers hanging around, dissolving excess surface cells, and then use the whitening trifles (liquorice, rice, and grapefruit) to give the skin a radiant appearance. Skin tone and pigmentation compensate. Phew! I do not know which chemistry is behind it, but I know that it works (for me at least) absolute miracles – my skin is always much brighter and fresher and looks like a good exfoliation.

I say scrub, but scrub Really is not the right word … I can not think of the right word. polishing, perhaps? Daily Microfoliant is a white powder that you can put in damp hands and process into a creamy paste – it's not scratchy – you can barely feel the particles. I prefer to mix my powder with some water so that the paste is slightly thicker and I can really work it into my skin, but if you follow the instructions and give powder to "very wet hands" you will not notice something "scrubbing" about the formula at all.

When you have formed your desired paste (you must carefully tip the powder out of the container, NO water in the container or ruin the rest of the Microfoliant), work it into your skin avoiding your eyes. Probably you should be dealing with massaging for ages, but I spend about twenty seconds and it works wonderfully with me! Rinse and you're done.

My skin always feels a bit tense after that, but it's pleasant – a youthful, rejuvenated tightness! It goes without saying that you need to moisturize afterwards, and I always find it a pleasure to moisturise the Microfoliant – my skin feels very smooth and soft.

Practical information: A 75 g can Daily Microfoliant is enough for you absolutely aging, They each require only about half a teaspoon of powder, and I believe I had my current powder for over a year (NB: twice / three times a week, not daily). The MSRP is around £ 35, but I remember paying about £ 25 with the shipment – the first three or so Dermalogica dealers who appear on Google usually have very competitive offers for Dermalogica products. £ 25 is an excellent price for such a durable product, I think – especially one that delivers such great results.

So there you have it: One of my biggest beauty tips, the gentlest exfoliant that really polishes and brightens, giving you a smooth and glowing skin. I know many models that use this. It's an instant fix to make the skin look like your tip-top and make-up

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, £ 28.99 from

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