Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask


This is a gift sent by God to every woman who drinks regularly.

Gasp! Women should not be regular drinkers, and they must not admit to being regular drinkers. However, if you are one (whether you keep it a secret or call it from the rooftops), you need a tube of it.

The Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask is as good as it sounds. It's like five-Alka-Seltzer-and-a-whole-tube Berocca for the skin. It even feels like it hisses a little when you apply it for the first time, and it gives your face a very nice orange.

So, while the painkillers work, lie in the bath with a layer of it on your face (avoid the eye area) and free your mind to think about such questions, just a shoe

Rinse the mask off after about twenty minutes and marvel at how radiant and refreshed your skin looks. Of course, the inside of your body is still biologically dangerous, but who cares if your face looks as healthy as a teetotaler ?!

You can buy this mask at LookFantastic for £ 28.48 instead of £ 33:

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