Dr. Lipp – Original Nipple Balm for lips

Well. I was I'll entertain you with a photo of a nipple and a photo of some lips and an anecdote about how to keep them apart – which in hindsight would have been pretty painful. In fact, I did not even get that far to phrase my mini-comedy because the Internet hung me dead in my tracks. Boy, there are a few weird photos – especially if you look at the same time & # 39; nipple & # 39; and & # 39; lips & # 39; search! You're welcome Do not go and do this if you are under 16 or 18 years of age or regardless of the legal age (three years if you are in Holland!) Because I refuse to take responsibility.

Before you go, open a new tab and look for nipples. I'm just telling you the lip balm for Dr. Lips. Lipp. This balm has a cult status due to its extremely moisturizing properties. Originally used as nipple balm (has that already settled down?), It soon became one of the best-kept secrets of the beauty industry – Oh! Scrap this term – me hate it! If it was a best kept secret, how would we know? Brands do not want it's a bloody secret, right? Nobody would buy it! Now it starts again: Originally used as nipple balm, it quickly became an extremely popular lip balm, which is ideal for heavily chapped lips and skin.

This is a thick balm, thicker, I would say, than Eight Hour Cream (the other "secret" – ssshhh), but it does not smell wonderful! Let's face it, Elizabeth Eight's Eight Hour Cream takes some getting used to before you stop drying it. Dr. Lipp's is 100% medical lanolin, and that's the point – there's no vanilla flavor, no Disney glow, it's just an easy lip-salvation that can bring even the most-damaged lips back to death. It tingles a bit – at me anyway, what I like, because it feels like it's going to work! Once applied, it does not sink, but remains on the lips as an extra protective layer, until you wipe it off.

Then we go – use it on your nipples, use it on your lips, use it on your dry elbows. If you push too much out, apply it to your lips and use the excess on your cuticle. I do that everything the time (have I ever said that?) and I think that's why my cuticles are never dry or split. I can fully understand why this is a cult product – organic, hypoallergenic and paraben free; A brilliant rescue aid for damaged lips.

Dr. Lipp's Original Balm is £ 11 from Cult Beauty

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