Estee Lauder Double, durable concealer


I'll explain a little bit about how this special concealer test session works:

10 am, Rome: Applied Double Wear for both underwear, Stay-in-Place Concealer (Screen 2, light / medium), pat in with your fingertips. Hangover Level: 8/10, hours Sleep: 3, Number of alcohol units still in the system: 65.

14 clock, Rome, minibus: flight canceled, very hot in the minibus. Sweaty face, a few tears of self-pity (Hangover level increased to 10/10 due to the ash cloud crisis)

8 pm, Northern Italy, minibus: iPhone-Scrabble play: Rubbed due to tiredness, inadequate lighting in the minibus and general boredom.

11:55 am, Nice, France, hotel: Concealer was compared with one eye only.

Look at the bad eye! I look like I have myxomatosis! The other eye looks pretty good, considering I used the concealer fourteen hours earlier – this stuff is really "stay-in-place". I think I have worn it pretty well and it has been amazingly good.

If you think that this concealer is a thick, heavy formula, you will be pleasantly surprised. It is light and creamy and easy to apply by simply applying a small amount of the product to it with the wand and tapping it with your fingertips.

As the above photo shows (I still can not believe how shocking my "unseen" eye looks like), Double Wear works on dark circles like magic, fades it out completely and blends in perfectly, without falling into lines and wrinkles. I can not think of anything negative that I could write about, but if I could give a hint: you only need the smallest amount of product. If you are not sure, dab a small amount of concealer on the back of your (clean!) Hand and dab it with your fingertips.

Estee Lauder Double Wear "Stay-in-Place" Concealer, £ 19 from House of Fraser

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