How to get rid of cellulite


Law; We had tanning, we had body brushing and now we have cellulite treatments. When I say "treatments," I mean topical creams, gels, and oils that claim to reduce cellulite, relieve bumpy spots, and generally help to contour the body. I will not offer any reviews of certain products in this post, because I have just tested too many and you would sit here for hours! I will offer recommendations individually or at least in smaller "groups" that are much easier to understand. (Product recommendations can be found here.)

"So what is this Cellulite Treatment Guide about when it's not about the treatments?" I hear you asking! Well, it's not about it Which It's about to use treatments As They're going to use them. I strongly believe that you can only achieve tangible results if you make a little effort with the application. And by that I mean really massaging the product and getting the circulation going – on a regular basis. Daily, if at all possible.

There is always the argument that it is the massaging and toxin eliminating movements Really Get results and that the current treatments are absolutely worthless – some people claim that you would rub as well in cheap old body lotion. I have to say that I disagree with that – when it comes to orange peel (and yes, we everything Get including models!) The look can be noticeably improved by some of the ingredients in current products.

I applied my products in a larger amount – say "dynamic"? I am absolutely convinced that this method produces better – and faster – results. In any case, it's free, so you have nothing to lose! It should almost feel like a mini-workout, your muscles are tense and your hands are really kneading on the meat and working the product in. You do not need to work with it all day – even sixty seconds is a pretty good circulation booster!

Look at the video guide – I'm actually massaging much less than I would if I had not filmed it – I have to try and keep it something Would! You can stay in the privacy of your bedroom or bathroom really go,

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