How to use a body brush


If only I could choose a body enhancement trick, it would undoubtedly be body brushing. I've had body brushes for over ten years. I started a long time ago, before I even thought of being a model, and I've done it ever since. I totally believe it. It improves blood circulation and is a bit of a workout in itself! You have to spend a few minutes every day with it – that's all! Do it if you wait for the shower to warm up, the bath is running or your Veet is working or your face mask is working! Apart from the initial issues (a brush!) It's free. Can anti-cellulite treatments be better than this?

I'll tell you now how I know this works: I stopped cleaning for a year when I first worked as a model and was a bit "woo-hoo!" Excitable. Body cleaning was the last thing that came to my mind! But damn it, my thighs have become weak! Back to religious brushing, and the dimples disappeared. I'm not exaggerating! It's all about stimulating the skin, flushing out toxins and slow circulation during exercise. Watch my video to show off the ultimate cellulite killer!

(A word about brushing: Bristles are short, very tight, tightly packed, preferably cactus.) The best I've found is Elemis's Skin Brush, which you can pick up on the internet for about 18 euros has seven years lasted and still looks like new!)

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