MAC Fleshpot Lipstick Review


Law. I've wanted to write this post for ages, but I know that very nude lip colors get a mixed reaction – they can be very hard to carry and therefore not for everyone. It requires (absolutely!) A dark, strong eye to balance the paleness of the lips, and the consistency of the lip color must be pinpoint.

Despite these complications, I often get the phrase "nude-lip-dark-eye" at work, and I feel like I'm hiding something from you if I did not do a post on MAC Fleshpot, an extremely nude lipstick from MAC, which was used with me so many times. Nude hater, look away now; This lipstick is more an eraser than a lip color!

To put it in a nutshell: I've put together a short video using Fleshpot (bottom of the page) so you can see for yourself what it looks like in … um … meat. For those who prefer reading and viewing pictures, I have created a small storyboard. Enjoy – or not, depending on which nude camp you are in.

So I have a little dark eye here. would be better if it were much darker, but that will do. (How lazy am I? It is quite amazing!) I give the lipstick directly from the tube (again laziness).

That looks scary now, right? As if I'm trying to rip my lips! But patience, patience …

After applying, I knock and mix with my finger. This is the most important phase in which this lipstick is applied. It removes excess product, mixes the color directly into the wrinkles and corners of the mouth and leaves a nice matte finish. Without With all the tapping and mixing, you get a thick-looking, strange, coarse color, like the color of a plastic mannequin body.

Do you see how the color has softened? I want to say, "chalkier", but that's not an attractive word … it's just mellower and more user-friendly. I do not think this lipstick is particularly dry, but if you wanted, you could put a clear balm on it – nothing shiny, I like that as a dull look!

As mentioned before, it is not easy to wear – first of all, when you eat or drink something, your dark natural lip color will show through where the act is worn out. Even more a maintenance problem than wearing a dark color! But the world of fashion shooting is a crazy world in which "food" and "drinking" are foreign words and the make-up is polished every ten seconds …

MAC Satin Lipstick in Fleshpot, only from MAC Pro.

***OH! I had to remove the video because I obviously had used a very famous piece of music because the soundtrack and Youtube got each other. Sorry … It was a good day! ***

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