REN Clearcalm 3 anti-blemish treatment mask

It's that time of the month again. ("What, the middle?") No, dear friends, that's it The Time of the month, which means that I will enter at least three doors today if the kettle does not cook fast enough and possibly kills someone. But no matter, what about my skin?

Yes, it is the oil center again. There is more oil on my skin than in the Gulf of Mexico. Now I know that I wrote about it recently, but that's because it was a video post (Goodnight Oily Skin!), And when I did the fucking things, edited, and released, it's been a decade. So here we are again: me with chronic PMT, a half-dead postman moving around in my garage (he has lost a parcel!) And skin threatening to break his army of pustule warriors.

The Clearcalm3 anti-blemish treatment mask from REN is a miracle, as it immediately cleanses the skin, leaving it looking taut and dull. That does it without Existing stains ignite or aggravate and soothe and soothe the skin, which feels a little over the top. I have just tested it extra and rinsed exactly one hour ago. My skin feels very smooth and the enlarged pores on the sides of the nose have been reduced. My skin feels soft and slightly tense, as if using a toner. It's a clay mask, but it's easy to apply with the pump action machine gun – I mean bottle, and you leave it on for 15 minutes. Use these minutes wisely (I went and scream with obscene phrases against a wall) and then rinse off the mask.

If you suffer from outbreaks, this is ideal for prevention just to release these pores and remove excess oil. The great thing about it is (and that's very important) that the mask is not removed everything Oil – so your skin does not panic and produce more to overcompensate A little bit goes far – I've only used it in the T-Zone and along the jaw line where I can feeling The little gits get ready for surfacing – so I can imagine that this bottle lasts for a long time. The "Bio Actives" (just in case I'm not boring you enough!) Are: Sulfur (smells like eggs – nice), Licorice extract (Yum), Zinc Salts, Salicilin, Calcium Carbonate, French Clay (or KE) – laaaay-yu, as they would say) and Essential Oil Complex. It is free of sulphates, parabens and many other substances, including "PEGS". Thank God it is free! I hate it if i find pins in my beauty products.

Treatment Mask, £ 28 and Clearcalm 3 – all from LookFantastic HERE

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