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I am so insatiable that I just bought a Stella McCartney dress and a cute little cardigan before I had breakfast, This happens when you have important things to do – you will do anything to distract yourself. For those who wonder if I have a bottomless clothing fund or not, it's just that I describe every minute I buy exactly and in great detail seems as if I always shop. (I swear I'm not!)

What brings me to this? The outnet and her Friday shopping emails. I should really unsubscribe, but I can not. It would be like cutting a kind of umbilical cord. This week, with 40% off selected items (of which there are many), we're tempted by some amazing chunky trinkets. I limited myself to two items – the Stella dress on the small montage photo, and then a sweet, small, striped Cardy for £ 34 – which, however, was a mushroom-colored Herve Leger dress that was something like that with the extra 40% off Tempted was £ 250. I'm dying. (There were a few sizes in medium – I wear a small or a medium size depending on the fit.)

If you would like to review the editing, you will have the following information: Outnet Extra 40% Off Page

Herve leger bikini sale

PS: This bikini really seduced me, but then read that it is "not suitable for swimming". HUH? It's like an umbrella that you can not take with you in the rain.

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