Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers Review


Let's talk about eyelash curlers. How many of you honestly bought a cheap, spindly pair of eyelash curlers? I see a lot of hands in the audience … almost all of you! You, madam – how much have you spent on your hair curlers?

"Two pounds fifty."

Two pounds fifty? Are you angry Madam? This is yours eyes what we talk about – you get only one sentence of it! Why are you risking something so weak and weak in your eyes? What happened when you used her, woman?

"Well" (patch tears with a stained handkerchief) "When I squeezed, the two plates somehow … missed each other, and the bottom part actually crossed the top part."

And then?

"And then," says the woman, who now looks visibly desperate, "tore out all my eyelashes and I've cut my eyelid."

Do you wear an eyepatch, madam?

Yes, that's right. "

A totally fictional story for you – see how the lawsuits go against me! But come on – tell me that you have not had any bad luck with cheap eyelash curlers? And it bloody It also hurts when you curl eyelashes if you do not curl properly. When you think about it, it's absolutely the wrong area of ​​your face when you play around with a metal gadget that looks almost like a pair of surgical scissors.

For the past (almost) ten years, I have been using Shu Uemura's eyelash curler, and under eyelash curlers I mean a single pair. Yes; My curlers have lasted so long. I only changed the rubbery piece once and used it three or four times a week. That's almost 2000 times. How's that for a durable, durable product?

I bought her in New York. In my opinion. It's also quite possible that I received it from a friendly and generous makeup artist – I can not really remember, all I know is that these things are the business. No other hair curlers I've seen or tested come close each Make-up artist I have ever worked with (apart from a guy named Frunkel, who painted my lips with blue eyeliner), he has them in his kit. Yes, it's £ 19.50 but so far I have cost 0.01p per use. A pair for £ 3.99 is likely to fail at around … ooh … £ 3.99 per use.

There we go. Not the most interesting topics, eyelash curlers, but me did I give you a short excerpt from my new novel "Mishaps with make-up tools – The curse of the wet hand", and I probably prevented you from seeing a terrible accident. Bonus.

Eyelash Curler, £ 20 from House of Fraser

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