Sisley Express Flower Gel Review


Oh Sisley, how I love you. Your low-key demeanor, your fresh pastel wrap with its chic French stripes, your beautiful scents, your flowery ingredients … They're damned expensive, Sisley, but in your case, I think it's really forgivable. you jobdo you understand? Everything you do seems to be easy job,

Take for example your Express Flower Gel. This morning I had a face like this:

Within three minutes, dear Sisley, you had softened my skin velvety. You have banished all the signs of my cat, Sisley, my dear, and by the power of the flower I managed to calm and hydrogenate my face in an angelic blow. I did not have to rinse off afterwards, just lose the excess, my sweetie, and for that I love you even more.

There's no one else you like, Sisley – may I call you Sis? You are like an unreachable courtesan – you are there to be bought, but not everyone can afford it. "Save up!" Is what I would cry to those who believe that they will never feel your touch, those who gaze longingly at the airport duty free, "Save and you will be rewarded!"

People will be jealous of our time together, Sis – do you prefer Sisley, you say? – and so we have to keep it quiet. I will apply that Gel Express Aux Fleurs (I know you like it when I speak Francais, my love) two or three times a week, and you'll lift my spirits and make me a teenager again. Alor .. See you next time, Sisley. I can not wait.

Sisley Express Flower Gel (moisturizing, firming and firming mask), £ 71 from Harrods, House of Fraser or John Lewis.

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